Municipal By-elections in Nquthu and Beaufort West on 24 May 2017

Centurion – Municipal by-elections will take place in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape on Wednesday 24 May 2017.

By-elections in KwaZulu-Natal will take place in Nquthu Municipality (KZN 242) following the dissolution of the local council by the MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in terms of Section 139 (1)(c) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

As a result, the by-elections will include all 17 ward and 16 PR council seats. There are currently 76 606 registered voters in the 116 voting districts in Nquthu.

Voter turnout in Nquthu in the 2016 Municipal Elections was 58.27%. In that election the Inkatha Freedom Party won 15 seats, the African National Congress won 14 seats, the National Freedom Party won two seats, and the Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters won one seat each.

Details of the by-election to be held in the Western Cape are as follows:
• Ward 7 in WC053 – Beaufort West with 4 131 registered voters which became vacant as a result of the resignation of the councillor. The ward was won by the Democratic Alliance candidate in the 2016 Municipal Elections and turnout was 54.84%
Voting District/Station Number              Voting Station Details
98130089                                                BEAUFORT WEST PRIMARY SCHOOL
98130113                                                SOETDORINGSVLEI COMMUNITY HALL
98180017                                                KLAWERVLEI PRIMARY SCHOOL
98180039                                                GEORGE FREDERICK PRIMÊRE SKOOL
98180040                                                TWEERIVIERE FARM HOUSE

These voting stations and all voting stations in Nquthu will be open on Saturday 18 March and Sunday 19 March from 08h00 to 17h00 to allow eligible voters the opportunity to register and to allow existing voters to verify and update their registration and address details if necessary.

Voters should take their ID document with them (either a green barcoded ID book, a smartcard ID or a valid Temporary ID Certificate). They will also need to complete their physical home address on registration. However, documented proof of address (e.g. a municipal account) is not required.

Voters may also check and update their details at their local IEC office during office hours on weekdays.

Voters are reminded that they may only register and vote in a ward in which they are ordinarily resident. Registering to vote where you do not live is a criminal offence.

The draft election timetable for this by-election is attached.

For more information on these by-elections, including special votes, contact your local Municipal Electoral Officer during office hours. Contact details for Municipal Electoral Officers are available on the IEC website at under Contact Us.

Ensuring free and fair elections

For media queries: Please contact Kate Bapela on 082 600 6386
For media interviews: Please email requests to


The cut-off dates for the various electoral processes for these by-elections are as follows:

7 April:                Close of Voters’ Roll (Proclamation of Elections)

7 April:                Opening of nomination of candidates

10 April:              Publication of Election Timetable

13 April:              Cut-off date for certification and publication of Voters’ Roll

18 April:              Cut-off date for Party to submit a party list with documents and deposit

18 April:              Cut-off date for submission of nomination of ward candidates together with documents and deposit

21 April:              Cut-off date to notify party/independent nominator of non-compliance re: outstanding candidate documents

26 April:              Cut-off date for party/independent to submit outstanding ward candidate documents

26 April:              Cut-off date for a party to submit outstanding PR candidate documents that it omitted to attach to a party list

26 April:              Opening of applications for Special Votes

28 April:              Cut-off date to notify party/independent nominator of candidates appearing on multiple party lists

2 May:                 Cut-off date for party/independent nominator to submit revised or substituted lists in regard to candidates on multiple party lists

3 May:                 Cut-off date for Compilation of lists of parties contesting the election, certification of party lists and making available those lists

3 May:                 Cut-off date for Compilation and certification of list of ward candidates for each ward and making available those lists

3 May:                 Issue of certificates to party list and ward candidates

4 May:                 Notice of list of addresses of voting stations open for inspection

4 May:                 Notice of routes including the locations and times of stopping of mobile voting stations

10 May:              Closing of applications for Special Votes

23 May:              Special Votes (home visits and at voting stations)

24 May:              By-election (Voting will take place at voting stations between 07h00 and 21h00 in Beaufort West and 07h00 and 19h00 in Nquthu)

(Note: All deadlines are at 17h00 on the date listed)