Deputy CEO: Electoral Operations

DCEO: Electoral Operations photo

Sy Mamabolo

Mr Sy Mamabolo is the Deputy Chief Electoral Officer: Electoral Operations. He has extensive electoral experience spanning 15 years.

His functional portfolio includes, among others, the compilation of the voters’ roll, candidate nomination, party registration, stakeholder management and counting and results.

Prior to his present role, he served as Provincial Electoral Officer for Gauteng, the province which is the economic hub of South Africa. In this role he oversaw three general elections, and has been involved with seven elections in total.

He holds a Master’s degree in Local Government Management from the University of the Witwatersrand. Before joining the Electoral Commission, he served as director for local government in the Gauteng provincial government.
All these roles have involved extensive interaction with stakeholders at different levels across a range of functional disciplines, including the media, political parties, security institutions, state departments and multilateral organisations, including the United Nations.

Electoral Operations

Electoral Operations

This division deals with voting district delimitation, registration and deregistration of political parties, registration of voters, the compilation and administration of the voters’ roll, political party liaison, candidate nomination and management of proportional representation lists, election day operation and results compilation.

Logistics & Infrastructure

This department determines the electoral bill of materials for all electoral events, specifications, procurement and disposal of items approved in terms of the bill of materials, warehousing and distribution of electoral materials and equipment, and voting station and local office infrastructure.

Electoral Matters

This department is responsible for the delimitation of voting districts, registration of political parties, management of proportional representation vacancies, registration of voters and compilation of the voters’ roll, conflict management programmes, and the declaration of results.