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Municipal Elections

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Enactment of Local Government: Municipal Electoral Amendment Act, 2016

Act no. 1 of 2016
The key amendments include; amending the definition of “identity document” to include smart-card identification documents, providing for the electronic submission of candidate nomination documents, providing for electronic payments of electoral deposits , providing for the notification of relevant parties where a candidate appears on more than one list – and allowing an opportunity for the parties to change this and allowing for voters to receive a new ballot paper where they have made an error or changed their minds before depositing it in the ballot box.
Format: PDF  Size: 709 KB

Local Government: Municipal Electoral Regulations - 2011 amendment

This amendment covers changes to the regulations concerning election deposits, the appointment of agents and new regulations regarding special votes. It also includes changes to the prescribed forms.
Format: PDF  Size: 2.26 MB

Local Government: Municipal Electoral Amendment Act, 2010

This amendment to the Municipal Electoral Act covers the election timetable; nomination of candidates; central payments of deposits; presiding officers altering boundaries of voting stations if necessary; numbers of party agents at a voting station; assistance of voters; special votes; the powers and functions of the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Court in relation to the determination and declaration of the result of an election; and objections material to the result of an election.
Format: PDF  Size: 676 KB

Local Government: Municipal Structures Amendment Act

(Act No. 20 of 2002)
Amends the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998, to enable a member of a municipal council to remain a member of that council even if they move to another party or their party subdivides or merges with another party; provides for the convening of meetings after the composition of a municipal council has changed; provides for the reconstitution of metropolitan subcouncils; provides for special measures for the application of Schedule 6A to the Constitution; and further regulates the submission of lists of candidates.
Format: PDF  Size: 28 KB

Local Government: Municipal Electoral Regulations

Regulations covering parties contesting elections, party lists and deposit; ward candidates; voting stations, officers, agents and observers; accreditation of observers and voter education providers; voting and counting; general provisions; code of conduct for accredited observers; code for accredited voter education providers.
Format: PDF  Size: 68.48 KB

Local Government: Municipal Demarcation Act

(Act No. 27 of 1998)
Provides for criteria and procedures for the determination of municipal boundaries by an independent authority
Format: PDF  Size: 107 KB

Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act

(Act No. 27 of 2000)
Regulates municipal elections and amends certain laws
Format: PDF  Size: 240 KB

Local Government: Municipal Structures Act

(Act No.117 of 1998)
Provides for the establishment of municipalities in accordance with the requirements relating to categories and types of municipality; establishes criteria for determining the category of municipality to be established in an area; defines the types of municipality that may be established within each category; provides for an appropriate division of functions and powers between categories of municipality; regulates the internal systems, structures and office-bearers of municipalities; and provides for appropriate electoral systems
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