Who can object?

Voters, party agents and ward candidates can submit objections.

When to object

Voters, party agents and ward candidates can object to:

  • a voter being given too many ballot papers;
  • a voter being refused a ballot paper; or
  • the conduct of a voting officer, party agent or any other person.

Party agents and ward candidates can object to any irregularities or inaccuracies in the:

  • sorting of ballot papers;
  • counting of votes or determination of results; or
  • verification procedure.

How to object

Let the Presiding Officer know that you want to make an objection. The Presiding Officer will give you the relevant form to fill in.

What happens next?

The Presiding Officer or Counting Officer must:

  • investigate the objection,
  • record the finding on the written objection,
  • inform the objector of the decision,
  • and keep a record of each objection.


You can appeal the decision of the Presiding Officer or Counting Officer by submitting your appeal to the Electoral Commision's National office in Pretoria, in writing, by 21h00 within two days of the election.