About the Voters' Roll

To be able to vote, you must register as a voter. Once you've registered your details appear on the voters' roll, which contains over 20 million names. The voters' roll helps us plan an election and identify fraud as it tells us how many voters to expect in each voting district.

How to Register/Update/Inspect the Voters' Roll

You can inspect the voters’ roll, register or update your registration details either at your Municipal Electoral Office during office hours, or at your voting station on special registration days. To find out more about who can register as a voter and how to register, please see How do I register?

The voters’ roll closes for an election on the day that the date of the election is proclaimed in the government gazette.

When to update your registration details

You must update your registration details when:

  • Your address changes
  • Your ID number changes (e.g. new ID number due to change in date of birth)

Removal from the Voters' Roll

Only people who have died are removed from the Voters' Roll.