Frequently Asked Questions: Voters roll


General frequently asked questions about voter registration

Q: How many people are registered to vote?
A: Please see the latest registration statistics for the national and provincial figures by gender and age group.
Q: What is the relationship between a Voting District and the Voters' Roll?
A: Although all voters are registered on a single National Common Voters' Roll, each voting station receives only the section of the national voters' roll for that particular voting district. The voters on one segment of the roll will not appear on any other segment anywhere else in the country.

Objections and appeals

Frequently asked questions about voters' roll objections and appeals

Q: How do I lodge an objection to the voters' roll?
A: Please go to your Municipal Electoral Office during office hours and tell the Municipal Electoral Officer you would like to lodge an objection. They will give you a form to complete and explain the objections process.
Q: When can I lodge an objection or appeal a decision?
A: You can lodge an objection or appeal a decision at any time up until the voters' roll closes, which is at 5pm on the day that the President proclaims the election date.
Q: When will I know the outcome of my objection or appeal?
A: A final decision will be made within 14 days of your objection or appeal.