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Electoral Commission

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Electoral Commission Act: Amendment to Regulations for the Registration of Political Parties

This amendment covers 2 small changes to the regulations governing the registration of a political party; namely regarding restrictions on a party's name, logo and abbreviation; and the number of voters' signatures required on a party's Deed of Foundation.
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Electoral Commission Act 51 of 1996 including Regulations


as amended by:

  • Local Government: Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998
  • Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act 27 of 2000
  • Electoral Laws Amendment Act 34 of 2003
  • Electoral Commission Amendment Act 14 of 2004

Includes the following regulations:

  • Regulations on Party Liaison Committees, 1998
  • Regulations for the Registration of Political Parties, 2004
  • Regulations relating to activities permissible outside voting stations on voting day

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