1. At a ceremony held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on 14 November 2015, the ICPS and the International Electoral Awards Committee announced the winners of the International Electoral Awards 2015. The 2014 Atlas of Results garnered the Electoral Commission the Accessibility Award. The Electoral Commission also received recognition for its outstanding achievements with the Schools Democracy Programme in the First Time Voter category.
  2. The United Nations 2015 Zero Project Conference on Independent Living and Political Participation: Innovative Policies and Practices for Persons with Disabilities held an award ceremony where the Electoral Commission won an award for the development of the universal ballot template. This template, also known as the UBT, is a voting aid for use by visually impaired voters.


Citizens’ Engagement Award

The Electoral Commission scooped the Citizens’ Engagement Award at the 9th International Electoral Affairs Symposium held at Kleinmond in the Western Cape in December 2014. The Citizens Engagement Award is aimed at rewarding electoral management bodies and officials for embracing what should perhaps be their most important goal: to put citizens at the heart of the electoral process and maximise their engagement and their satisfaction. The Electoral Commission won the award in recognition of its innovative use of social media to engage with voters during the 2014 National and Provincial Elections campaign.


International Electoral Awards

The IEC beat strong competition from the National Elections Board of Perú and the Republic of the Philippines Commission on Elections to win the Equality Award at the International Electoral Awards 2013, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 4 December 2013. The IEC was praised for its civic education and voter engagement initiatives which deal with the diverse electorate present in South Africa. The International Electoral Awards are managed by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies and the International Centre for Electoral Psychology.

The IEC also went on to receive recognition for its work in the Accessibility category of the awards.


AAPAM Innovative Management Awards

The Electoral Commission won an award for its election results slip scanning project. The IEC entry received first prize from the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) in the category for Innovative Management. The prize was awarded in Lilongwe, Malawi on 16 November 2011.The AAPAM Innovative Management Awards recognise organisational achievement in Public Administration and Management in Africa to encourage managerial excellence.

All Africa Public Service Innovation Awards (AAPSIA)

The Commission was the first runner-up in the category “Innovative Service Delivery Improvements”, in May 2011 (Continental award)

United Nations Public Service Awards (UNPSA)

The Commission won the award in the category, “Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Public Service”, in June 2011 (International award) – awarded in Dar Es Salaam.


The Commission won a silver award from PRISA in the media relations category for the “love your South Africa” campaign during the 2011 municipal elections; and a gold award for its publication the “Atlas of Results – 2009 National Elections”.

Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI)

The Commission received first prize from the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) for its eProcurement system in the category Innovative Use of Information Technology for Effective Service Delivery and was second runner up overall.


Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI)

The Commission was awarded first place by the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) in the category, “Innovative use of Information Technology for effective service delivery”, in November 2010 (National award)

The Commission was the first runner-up in the category “Public Sector Innovator of the Year 2010” (National award) and received it from the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI)



  • Gold Medal for Advertising: TV & Cinema Crafts – Writing
  • Bronze Medals for: 
    Advertising: TV & Cinema Commercials
    Advertising: Outdoor & Ambient Advertising - Outdoor Media
    Advertising: Advertising Mixed-Media Campaign

Khuza Awards

The Commission received the Khuza award for the 2006 theme and music for the municipal elections, The Power of X. It was chosen for its appeal amongst the youth, but also for its ability to create awareness with other voters on the importance of voting as the way to sustain democracy. The “Power of X” campaign hit the 18 to 35-year old market by storm and provided the majority of the total number of new registrations for the two voter registration campaigns.
The Khuza Awards were founded in 2004 to reward great youth-focused communication, because there are more South Africans under 22 years of age than over it. The word 'khuza' means heartfelt applause or cheering; and that's what Khuza Awards is all about: insights and recognition from 8-22 year olds for communication targeted at 8-22 year-olds.



  • Gold Medal for Corporate Video and Events: Non-Broadcast Video & Film
  • Silver Medals for:
    Advertising: Music & Sound Design
    Corporate Video and Events: Cinematography
    Corporate Video and Events: Direction
  • Bronze Medals for:
    Advertising: Cinematography
    Advertising: Writing
    Design: Motion Graphic Design


The Electoral Commission won several international and local awards as a result of the successful planning and delivery of the 1999 elections, namely the:

Computerworld Smithsonian Award

A Computerworld Smithsonian Award, a global honour, was presented to the IEC at a gala dinner in Washington DC in June 2000.

The Commission had been short-listed as one of five finalists in the Government and Non-Profit Organisations category. The remaining four finalists were all American organisations, and included three government institutions. An independent panel of judges found the IEC achievement to be among the most significant applications of information technology to society.

National Productivity Institute Award

The Commission became the first-ever recipient of a Platinum Award in the 1999 National Productivity Institute Awards competition, which has been held annually since 1979.

Giving reasons for the choice, the Adjudication Chairperson, Aubrey Tshalata, said the 1999 elections stood as a monument to vision, innovation, energy and determination. "Within impossibly difficult timeframes, the Electoral Commission delivered elections to the people of South Africa of which we may all be justifiably proud."

Institute of People Management Award

The IEC received the Champions of People-Driven Growth Award of the President of the Institute of People Management (IPM) in recognition of the use of people and technology in South Africa's second democratic national and provincial elections. The IPM is the largest professional human resources organisation in South Africa, with about 9,000 professional and corporate members.    

Southern African Logistics Society Award

The IEC received a Special Merit Award for the logistical input required to conduct the 1999 national and provincial elections.

BMF Award for Excellence

Following the widely acknowledged successful conduct of the 1999 national and provincial elections, the BMF honoured the IEC with an "Award for Excellence".

Institute of Management Consultants Award

In October 1999, the Institute of Management Consultants awarded Andersen Consulting, the IEC’s Information Technology partner, the award for best management consulting project for the year. This prestigious award is competed for by all management consulting organisations on an annual basis. It acknowledges excellence in the execution of a management consulting assignment and is judged on a number of acknowledged management consulting criteria. Dr Brigalia Bam received the award on behalf of Andersen Consulting.