Xsê campaign

The 2019 National and Provincial Elections campaign features young South Africans from all walks of life expressing their reasons for the importance of voting in the upcoming elections under a newly-created word: Xsê.

Xsê is a multi-culturally understood colloquial South African term that can be used in many situations, especially when one wants to be heard. Elections allow for an individual’s voice to be heard hence we made it for the individual to own. Moreover, it’s a clever play on the ‘X’ that voters put on the ballot paper and which has featured in previous election campaigns.

We zoned in on a phrase that is uniquely South African. It’s cool and can be used easily by anyone across the culture lines. It’s a call to action phrase, one that prompts you to take notice and take action.

The campaign, which launched across television, radio, digital and outdoor channels throughout the country today, is intended to grab the attention of young and first-time voters. We hope Xsê becomes part of the lexicon of South African youth during this these elections.




Social media

Tell your friends and followers on social media about "Xsê" and encourage them to register and vote in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections.

Digital media

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Election logo

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