May 2021

Monday, 24

Commencement of the review (kick-off meetings and setting up office.)

May 2021

Tuesday, 25

Preparation of draft agenda for meeting with the Electoral Commission and draft timetable for the Inquiry.

May 2021

Wednesday, 26

Meeting with Commissioners to finalise office set up, logistics and proposed timetable.

IT and communication set up.

May 2021

Thursday, 27

Meeting with National Political Party Liaison Committee; and Distribution of official statement and contact details.

May 2021

Friday, 28

Dispatching invitations for submissions to:

  • The Electoral Commission;
  • Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs ("COGTA"), including the disaster management unit; and
  • Department of Health.

June 2021

Tuesday, 1

Dispatching invitations for submissions to:

  • Independent medical experts;
  • Election monitoring organisations; and
  • Civil society.

June 2021

Wednesday, 2

Dispatching invitations for submissions to:

  • All registered political parties.

June 2021

Friday, 4

Written submissions due from the Electoral Commission.

Written submissions to include key background information including technical readiness, the statistics on local government elections in South Africa since 1994, the Commission's standard / criteria for freeness and fairness and COVID-19 precautionary measures.

Media release inviting any member of the public to submit written or voice notes on the Inquiry's website.

June 2021

Tuesday, 15

Written submissions due from independent health experts and election monitoring bodies.

June 2021

Friday, 18

  • Written submissions due from COGTA and the Department of Health, political parties and civil society; and
  • Written submissions and voice notes due from the general public.

June 2021

Monday, 21 to Friday, 25

Consideration of written submissions and voice notes.

June 2021

Friday, 25

Publication of a schedule for oral submissions.

June/July 2021

Monday, 28 to Friday, 2

Hearing oral submissions from invited parties.

July 2021

Monday, 5 to Tuesday, 20

Drafting of the report.

July 2021

Saturday, 17 to Sunday, 18

Proposed voter registration weekend.

July 2021

Wednesday, 21

Submission of the report.

July/August 2021

End of July and no later than 2 August

Potential declaration by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs of the local government elections.

October 2021

Wednesday, 27

Date announced by the President of the Republic of South Africa for the local government elections.